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GMPayments is dedicated to making payments better for everyone. No need to spend weeks on paperwork or security compliance procedures. No more lost conversions because you don’t support a shopper’s favorite payment method or because they don’t feel safe. We made our products and API expansive, intuitive, and safe for merchants, customers and developers alike.

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In-house support

Our support is completely hosted in-house . You will always be helped by someone knows our products intimately.

Branded Checkout

Checkout turns a simple, standard payment form into a professional, on-brand experience that inspires trust and drives conversions. Show customers who you are .

Personal Dashboard

Dashboard gives you all the insights you need, in real time and in a single place. Instantly exportable for every kind of accounting software.

Single API

All of GMPayments’s payment methods and powerful functionalities are encapsulated in a single , cleverly designed API .

Transparent Pricing

No minimum costs, no lock-in contracts, no hidden fees. Basically you pay for successful transactions.

Worksaving Package

A host of free, open-source packages and plugins allow you to efficiently integrate Payments and Recurring into any project.

Serious Security

Through rigorous security checks, safe data storage, employee screenings and compliance ,we can ensure the safety, stability and reliability of our payment platform.


Credit Card Payments

We accept VISA and MasterCard securely, quickly and easily on your website or mobile app in minutes. Simple, straightforward pricing, top notch fraud intelligence, and 24/7 support with 130+ currencies. 190 countries and territories.

Alternative Payments(APMs)

Which local payment options do my visitors prefer?

Sell to millions of customers that don’t use credit cards and PayPal . Add local payment options to your checkout, eliminate chargebacks, increase sales and profit!

Chinese Payment Methods

China Union Pay

*China’s only domestic bank card organization and, with over 5 billion cards in circulation, it is also the world’s most popular card.


*The world’s most popular online payment platform, created by Chinese’s Alibaba group.


*A payment features integrated into the WeChat app, users can complete payment quickly with smartphones. WeChat has Quick Pay,QR Code Payment, In-App Web-Based Payments, and Native In-App Payments.

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Our payment success ratio upto


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We accept VISA , MasterCard , JCB and American Express securely, integrated on your website with seamless checkout experience , quickly and easily .


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