GMPayments can offer you Offshore Prepaid Cards – International or Private. You can order up to three prepaid debit cards, EUR/USD MasterCard accepted with ATM facilities and full online access and support ENQUIRE HERE.

Uses & Benefits of an International Prepaid Card:

Cash Card – Keep your Financial Transactions Confidential and Safe;

· Perfect way to carry your cash.

· Whether you are an active entrepreneur, or you participate in different affiliate programs, or you are a consultant who needs a simple way to receive your money, cardholders can accept payment for goods or services they provide.

Third Party Payment Card – Make Payments Anywhere Anytime Worldwide;

· Pay your bills online, purchase an airline ticket or make a hotel or rental car reservation.

· Give a card to a family member, agent or employee anywhere in the world.

· Make payments to and their card can be easily loaded each time you need to get funds to them.

· Reload them as often as you want up to the annual card load limit.

· Save large sums by not paying the high transfer fees charged by fund transfer companies such as Western Union & International Bank Transfer.

Travel Card – Wherever You Go Be Safe;

· A Travel Card is a prepaid, re-loadable travel money card.

· Most safe and convenient way to carry all your vacation money.

· Not linked to any bank account, so even if the card is lost or stolen, all of the funds are replaceable.

· Your Travel Card can be used at ATMs worldwide, review locations here.

· Always keep your Card and use it for your next travel. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

· A prepaid card, not a credit card, where spending is limited to the amount of money that is loaded onto the card.

· Faster and safer than mailing a check or giving cash.

Superb Features :

– Anyone Can Apply
– Accepted Everywhere
– No Credit Check
– No Documentation
– No Country Restriction
– Instant Auto Delivery*
– Immediate Usage
– Safe & Secure
– 100% Satisfaction

Your VISA backed Virtual Prepaid Card package includes:

Instructions for your PEG VISA Card Account

A 16-Digit VISA Prepaid Card Number

A 3-Digit CVV (Card Verfication Value)

A 4-Digit Card Expiry Date